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Custom t shirts
Custom t shirts as a fashion design, goes all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century when Robert Knight, who lived in Kentucky, started printing an apple logo on his t-shirts. This proved to be very popular and eventually became know as the brand we call today Fruit of the Loom.
Direct to Garment printing has finally arrived and it is the best thing since “sliced bread” for the t shirt designer….
Printed t shirts
If you are thinking of getting some printed t shirt produced there has never been a better, cheaper and creative time to get them.
Shirt Printing
Although shirt printing can refer to t-shirts, it is usually linked to either polo shirts or the classic type of shirt usually worn with a jacket or a suit.
T shirt Design
T shirt design is one of the fastest growing fashion sectors of today…
T shirt screen printing
T shirt screen printing is often used as a search phrase just as t shirt printing is, by people…..
Polo Shirt Printing
lo shirt printing is all about the subject of putting a logo onto a polo shirt. It is a very popular process because the polo shirt has become the uniform for most types of business. Sizes of business does not seem to matter when it comes to polo shirt printing, from the large corporation, right down to the local plumber
Teddy Boys
n 1950 the influence of American or European menswear at this time to not go unchallenged. In the early 1950s England youths met the casual style of dress from America with their own home-grown style which consisted of the drape jacket and drainpipe trousers…
Pierre Cardin
The 1960s saw a revolution in the production and distribution of menswear following a pattern similar to the woman’s ready to wear industry. From now on, menswear word, like a womenswear, be focused on either a label or a designer name with new collections presented each year.
Early Colour Printing
There is an important distinction to be drawn between colour prints and coloured prints. A colour print has actually been printed with inks of different colours; a coloured print is printed in ink on one colour and has had extra colouring added by hand.
18th Century Colour Printing
The earliest multiple plate printing method, using plates worked in the mezzotint, was invented by the German Jakob Cristof Le Blon. Applying Newton’s theory of colour, he hoped to be able to produce accurate facsimiles of paintings by scraping a separate mezzotint plates for each of the three primary colours, blue, yellow and red.
Mens Suits
n the 1980s, Britain, the United States and Germany all saw a swing back to the political right. Instead of Jimmy Carter’s casual denims, the new Reagan administration favoured suits and military uniform
By 1970 there were 1 million unemployed in Britain and by 1979 in number would grow to over 3 million. The effects of the first all crisis in 1973, when OPEC raised their prices, had a knock-on effect as workers were laid off and the prices of manufactured goods rose…
Artificial Silk
Cellulose is nature’s polymer and consists of hundreds of molecules strong together like a beaded necklace. It is derived from chemically pulped-down woody plants, such as the fast growing trees like spruce, hemlock and pine, or from cotton linters that are then regenerated. Both viscous rayon and paper are made from cellulose and progress towards the creation of other textile fibres in the 19th century was assisted by improvements in paper Manufacturer.
Boutique Fashion
Perhaps the greatest boost to London design was the coming of the boutique, a small independent retail outlet that meant that designers could also be their own retailers. For once, clothes designers had the advantage
Charity Shops
Dark, dusty and full of undesirables they are not! Charity and second-hand shops have been dusting off their unfashionable images following the growing trend for alternatives to high street shopping.
Clothing Miles
Today clothing and textiles account for 7% of world exports. A T-shirt or a polo shirt may have travelled around the world once before being purchased. From cotton field, to textile mill, to garment factory in Asia (the majority of textiles are manufactured in South East Asia, China and India), each stage adds to the carbon emission produced in maintaining our global clothing market.
Clothing Recycling
As economies shift, so do the relations between the First and the Third World. The sweatshop manufacturers of the South East Asia – traditional areas of cheap labour that produce many of the fashion goods bought in western shops – are disappearing as their country’s economies grow stronger.
Fairtrade clothing
The Fairtrade movement began in Europe in the 1960s as a response to the growing awareness of worker exploitation around the world. More recently Fairtrade has included the clothing industry and there are now Fairtrade certified cotton clothes. Fairtrade aims to improve trading relationships with the world’s most marginalised farmers and workers.