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27th July

The is a new feature on the website that is long over due, an UPLOAD panel. This makes it very easy for you to send your JPEGS and artwork to me, especially if they are quite large files. It is easy to use, just click here and follow the instructions. Bye the way, if you do have any problems, give me a call on 01604 234818 and ask for Mike Lowbridge. You can also send comment of you experience to

16th July

The one aspect of t shirt printing that keeps going wrong is sizing. This is very annoying for the t shirt printer because he has no real control over it. The problem usually stems form the customer perception of what size they are. When a business asks its workforce for sizes so they can order in the new uniform, they ask men who haven’t got a clue what size they are because their wife has bought just about everything they wear for the last 10 years. The women hate to admit what size they are having spent a fortune on clothing to disguise this information, so they have to lie, in order to not to be the gossip of the office.
When the beautifully embroidery polo shirts and blouses finally arrive, nothing fits. Guess who gets the blame. It is much easier if you have a shop with a changing room, but this is not practical if you want the savings of buying on line.
14th July

A section of this website that can be easily overlooked, but is definitely worth seeing is the Articles section. Here you will find a more in depth look at some of the wider aspects of t-shirt printing. I have listed some of the titles below:

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Retro-dressing Shirt Printing
Boutique Fashion Clothing Recycling
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13th July

If you have spent a lot of money on a reversible jacket for work, can I suggest that you only get one side of the jacket embroidered. If you put your company logo on the side of the jacket you use for work and not the other side, you can still use the jacket for going out after work.
Often the reversible jacket comes with a light and a dark side, one of which probably matches your company colour scheme. You will only use the relavant side for work because of that. The other side stays clean because it is on the inside. When you go out, turn the jacket inside out, the company logo is now hidden inside the jacket, no one would ever know its a workwear jacket.

12th July

I am sick and tired of getting emails with about 3 lines of relevant information and 2 pages of legal disclaimers!
Because it is my business account I have to print them out, and keep them as a record. Instead of one sheet of paper I usually get at least 2!
Having said that, even has a legal disclamer. So I have come up with a solution. I have created a page on my website that has the legal disclaimer on it. I have included a link on my emails that points to it. This means I have a short phrase instead of half a page of text.