T shirt Design

T shirt design is one of the fastest growing fashion sectors of today. This is driven by the ability of many young creative people starting up there own business, having never had any formal dealings with fashion design before.

The reason for this phenomenon is the new technologies that have come onto the marketplace like DTG that enables a young creative designer to get their artwork onto t-shirts cheaply a simply. By simply I mean that there is no need for any extensive technical knowledge of the different processes involved, all they need to do is phone up a company like Crisp t-shirt Printing and they are able to get small production runs of their latest design, printed cheaply and effectively, on as few as half a dozen t-shirts.

The rest of this article is dedicated to showing a small example of the work from up and coming t shirt designers.

Francis Minoza is a 26 year male living in the Philippines and his company is called nicebleed. I think this young man has extraordinary talent. Here are some of his designs.